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    Tracking a Model Lifestyle

    Berlin. A cosmopolitan hub, full of inspiring and happening places. A model and her hectic day in this ever-vibrant city. Go-Sees to land a job. Hopping from one place to the next. Ahead of the game, with a smart watch: Checking mails, finding places, tracking activities, monitoring pulse and heart rate at one glance. Whether it is in Berlin or in New York, Paris, Tokyo: Spend some time with Huawei Watch and you realize that this is much more than a smart watch: it's an intelligent data center with the power to change the way you live. See how fashion is touched by technology.

    The best takes from the shoot

    Bound to be a fashion darling from Berlin to New York: This watch will keep track of and with your modern lifestyle, wherever you go.

    Timeless design. Smart within.

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