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    Lights, Camera, Action!

    Berlin, on a hot summer weekend. A large professional movie production crew assembles. The task: to produce three commercials for the new Huawei watch in two days.

    Go through the gallery to see some footage from our fashion commercials for all three Huawei watch commercials.

    Three for Two
    The team had to move fast and worked hard: three movies were shot in two intense days.

    Romance In the Air
    The location for the „From Red to Black“ movie was Schloss Steinhöfel near Berlin, which is often booked for wedding receptions.

    V.I.P. Treatment
    The models were treated to top hair and make-up artists and stylists. But it was the horse that was the actual star: It had two trainers. And its own stuntman for the riding scenes.

    "Everybody in our production team should have had Huawei watches on their wrist to keep track of how much they had to run during the shoot“, said the Head of Production afterwards.

    Banking It
    The „From Red to Black“ movie was shot at five-star luxury Hotel de Rome in Berlin – housed in a historic, former bank building from 1889.

    Making a Real Effort Redecorating:
    For the „Red to Black“ movie’s bar scene, shot in the bar of Berlin’s Hotel de Rome’s bar, the team spent hours redecorating the bar, moving furniture from left to right to match the color coding of the interior desired in the storyboard. In the end, the result is seen a few seconds only!

    Model Management
    The "Go See" movie was shot in and around a production company in the center of Berlin.

    Shaking It
    At the end of the day, our model Sarah’s right arm and wrist hurt from shaking them all the time – the usually effortless signature movement that you make to activate Huawei watch.

    Timeless design. Smart within.

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