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    "The New Fashion Fräulein"
    A Day with German It Blogger Lena

    She may not be as famous as, say, Jil Sander. But Lena Terlutter is a fashion force to be reckoned with in the German fashion scene. Huawei spent a day with her in Cologne.

    Lena Terlutter makes us rethink the definition of “Fashion Blogger”. She is not one of those clothes horses who consider taking snaps of themselves in different outfits all day long a full-time job. The 32-year-old has taken the job description to another level. Apart from being one of the most influential fashion bloggers with her blog www.lenaterlutter.com, Lena also works as a stylist, model, author of fashion books, and – in case things should get boring – owns and runs four cool fashion shops in Cologne on top of all that. So scratch “fashion blogger” and replace with “successful fashion entrepreneur”. Oh, and maybe we should mention that she was nominated for “Best Celebrity Style” at the “Stylight Fashion Influencer Awards” in Berlin in 2015

    So it would be safe to say that Lena knows a thing or two about style and fashion. Her daily style tips are inspiration to a group of dedicated fans that has grown to 180 000 followers on Instagram.

    "With its more than 40 changeable watch faces and customizable wrist bands, the Huawei Watch is the perfect match with each and every one of my looks."

    Her typical day? There is no such thing. It could consist of anything from following and overseeing fashion collections in the morning to editing accessories and outfits for her blog or her shops in the afternoon, travelling in the evening, going location scouting during lunch break… or the other way round. In between, countless phone calls, emails, posts...

    The most coveted accessory for a fashion blogger or editor is usually the latest It Bag. But for Lena, this fashion blogger cliché does not apply completely. Being on the go all the time and needing to stay connected makes a cool phone and a smartwatch almost more desirable for her. One upside of owning these two things is being able to work away from her desk: “I really enjoy these shoots on sunny days”, she said during our fashion shoot in her hometown of Cologne with Mate S and Huawei Watch. “I can escape from my office desk and at the same time show my followers the latest fashion trends.” The fact that both of her technical companions are a style addict’s dream come true probably didn’t hurt either: Mate S is a sleek and handsome smartphone with an all-new professional camera function. And with Huawei Watch coming with over 40 watchfaces to choose from, it’s the most versatile accessory anyone could imagine.

    Touch. Made powerful
    Huawei Mate S

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