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    "The Italian Job"

    We spent a day in Milan with Italy’s gentleman bloggers Filippo and Filippo, accompanied by the Mate S and Huawei watch. The four were a perfect match. Check out the pics!

    Their blog is called “The three F’s”… but wait a minute… there are only two Filippos running it? Yes, the third “F” stands for fashion! In the Filippo’s lives, fashion and style rule – it is their ultimate passion. And these two young Italian gentlemen seem to live and breathe it! They look groomed, dapper and dandy-esque every single minute of the day. It is hard to imagine them waking up with one hair out of place or dressed in something other than a beautifully patterned silk morning jacket.

    After all, Filippo and Filippo have created Italy’s go-to men’s style blog. Their mission: to spread the Italian gentleman’s sense of fashion. And they take it seriously. “We are not just the public face of The Three F’s, but we personally manage most of the aspects behind the website,” they say. The effort is worth it, their site has become the most influential Italian blog dedicated to male personal style and fashion.

    Speaking of personal style, for them, this is usually a clever mix of well-cut classics with a modern twist. Double-breasted suits made from the finest Italian fabrics? Silk pocket squares? Navy blazers with gold buttons? Filippo and Filippo rock all of it and make it look modern, jazzing up the classics with an unexpected color or by throwing a funky geometric sweater into the equation.

    As for their backgrounds, Filippo Fiora is an architect, with a knack for structures and cut, and Cirulli a marketing graduate. Together, they recently created their own line of shoes and loafers.

    Finest fabrics and soft suede loafers – the Mate S and Huawei Watch match sophisticated Italian style perfectly.

    On a daily basis, the blog constantly needs their attention. There are Instagram and Twitter accounts to be fed, tons of emails to be written, the latest collections to be followed, fashion brands to be contacted, trips to be organized (their blog has them jet-setting from Porto Cervo to Williamsburg)… It is not surprising that the Milanese blogger duo were quick to pick up the new Mate S smartphone with its easy usability (Knuckle Touch! How sensual is that?) and its high-end camera. As well as the new accessory that gives them instant connectivity on their wrists: Huawei Watch.

    Both are the perfect choice for a style-conscious, modern gentleman on the go.

    Check out the slideshow to see what a typical day in Filippo and Filippo’s lives looks like — from morning espresso to aperitivo.

    Touch. Made powerful
    Huawei Mate S

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