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    "The Fashion Chameleon"

    We spent a day in Paris with Zina Charkoplia, the Spanish style icon behind the blog Fashion Vibe, and her Mate S and Huawei Watch. Check out the pictures!

    Zina Charkoplia, the beautiful Spaniard behind the blog FashionVibe and It-Girl of the Barcelona fashion scene, is a style chameleon with a special talent for translating each season's hottest new trends into her own brilliantly executed look. At home in Barcelona, the sun-drenched Mediterranean metropolis and the warm weather of the Catalonian coast inspires floral prints, energetic colors, and bright accessories. And her sartorial sensibility is just as lively and interesting as her beautiful Spanish surroundings. The nature of the fashion scene requires Zina to be constantly on-the-go, making the Mate S and Huawei Watch a perfect match for her busy lifestyle. With regular trips to New York, Paris, and Milan, Zina certainly knows how to sport a leather jacket or a sleek pair of winter boots. Regardless of which continent she is on, or whether she is wearing the latest from the runways in Paris and Milan or a classic vintage piece, her outfits are always spot on, of-the-moment, and effortlessly chic.

    For Zina, being stylish is not just a hobby – it is a way of life. She eats, sleeps, and breathes fashion, always staying up-to-date on the latest looks, and – lucky us! – sharing her insights on her blog, the style guide for in-the-know fashionistas around the world. Her goal? To win over the world, one fashion lover at the time. She rarely posts commentary, but her pictures speak for themselves and people have been going to her blog for years to find inspiration on the latest trends and see them translated through Zina’s unique perspective.

    As a professional fashion blogger, it is essential for Zina to travel a lot. She always gets invitations to the fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York, and London, and is constantly traveling in between. When she is on the go, she needs to stay organized while away from home and be able to update her blog and her Instagram at all times. To manage all of this, she needs a phone that always performs well, even when the days are long. Whether she needs to get that perfect shot of her outfit for the evening, look at pictures of a show that she couldn’t make it to, or check in on her flight the next morning (fashion weeks are back to back remember?!) the Mate S is the perfect companion. With its sleek exterior, outstanding camera quality, large screen, and long battery life, it is the perfect fit for the demanding fashionista. Not to mention the Huawei Watch, the stylish new accessory that offers instant connectivity on your wrist.

    Check out the slideshow to see what a typical day looks like when Zina is in Paris, the fashion capital of the world.

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    Huawei Mate S

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