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    "Fashion touches Technology" on the Catwalk

    Fashion, first row: Technology, design and style come together on the catwalk during Huawei Fashion Show at IFA. Get a peek of the launch here – and see how two secrets are unveiled.

    Through a door of bluish light, shaped in the outline of a Huawei Mate S smartphone, models with sleek hairdos make their entrance, strutting down the long catwalk wearing the latest in fashion trends: Minimalistic, finely cut outfits in Huawei corporate colors of black, white and red, while beats blast through loudspeakers.

    In a dramatic and fast-paced fashion show, Huawei unveiled two long-awaited secrets at once: Its latest sensations, Huawei Mate S smartphone and Huawei Watch, were presented two days before tech trade fair IFA 2015 officially opened to its trade audience in Berlin.

    The eight male and female models all sported Huawei Watches on their wrists and held Huawei Mate S smartphones high up in the air, presenting the innovations to an audience of one thousand. Clearly, Huawei had a point to make: That fashion, technology and self-expression come together in Huawei’s latest products.

    Both Huawei Mate S smartphone and Huawei Watch are a beautiful expression of the growing intimacy between fashion and mobile technology, catering to the global desire for individual tastes and uniqueness. “Fashion touches technology” is the latest credo at Huawei.

    The ultimate in wearable fashion now includes two new accessories: Huawei Mate S and Huawei Watch.

    Especially Huawei Watch with its 40 + interchangeable watch faces is bound to become an instant hit with the fashion crowd.

    The timepiece itself offers countless visual possibilities.

    And Huawei Mate S with its model-perfect curves, easy accessibility and a professional camera with built-in perfect lighting is the ultiHuawei Mate Smartphone for anyone who is fashion-conscious.

    "Mobile phones today have become a fashion accessory, not only a communication tool," said Glory Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer at Huawei Consumer Business Group on stage. Indeed, Huawei Mate S challenges the way the world perceives smartphones.

    Amidst the models, Huawei CEO Richard Yu suddenly took the stage and walked down the catwalk, holding his Huawei Mate S high into the air and taking a bow amidst the accolades of the IFA audience.

    Smartphones and tech gadgets have already transformed the fashion world in a way that no one could have imagined, bringing street fashion and backstage images to our screens and handhelds via fashion blogs, videos and Instagram. The message of this pre-IFA afternoon was clear: Huawei is about to take the merging worlds of fashion and technology to yet another level.

    Touch. Made powerful
    Huawei Mate S

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