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    Fashion Statements: Inspired by Design

    The new Huawei Mate S incorporates cutting-edge design elements and features, inspired by the world of catwalks and designers. See where and how technology was touched by fashion and design. Or was it the other way round?

    Glam in Metal: Silver Linings
    Make a statement in one of fall’s new spacy silver outfits. And pair it with the new Huawei Mate S and its sleek, shiny full metal body, made from precious 99,5 % alumimum.

    The Dark Side: Black Is It
    Fashion’s favorite non-color is back with a vengeance...or was it ever gone? Gothic and futuristic styles in ever-timeless black ruled the runway for Fall/Winter 2015/2016. And the new Huawei Mate S is the perfect accessory.

    Electrifying Blue
    One of fashion’s most striking colors of the season also appears when you draw the letters on Huawei Mate S’s screen with your knuckle. As quick command for instant access to the most important features of your Huawei Mate S. Just switch apps with a cool gesture.

    From its soft rounded edges to its slinky sleekness – you will find all of the coolest attributes of Huawei Mate S mirrored in cutting-edge fashion and design.

    Round and Round It Goes
    There is something about round, soft edges: they are pleasant to the touch and look so organic at the same time. No wonder that modern architecture have the same penchant for non-edgy edginess. (shown here: The Danish Pavillion at the EXPO in Shanghai).

    Flat Mate
    The new Huawei Mate S’s design is super sleek and will slide easily into any bag. Completely in line with streamlined model hair from fashion’s most progressive catwalks: High impact, less volume.

    Back to the Future
    Full frontal is out: Fashion designers seem to have ditched plunging necklines for beautiful bared backs. And Huawei Mate S has caught onto the trend as well, introducing a new way to interact with your phone by making it accessible from the back with the mere touch of a fingerprint

    Touch. Made powerful
    Huawei Mate S

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