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    Channel Your Secret Agent

    Discover your stylish inner spy with the Huawei Mate S phone and its countless functions.

    The best thing about the secret agent job description was (apart from getting to wear cool trenchcoats, stylish smokings and elegant dinner jackets) always their gadgets. Over the years, we’ve seen spies sporting a lot of gadgets and spy accessories: From poison pen to a communicator hidden in a clothing brush, from „identigraphs“ to bug sweepers, laser polaroid cameras, tracking devices, quartz watches with telecommunication function to exploding alarm clocks, and attaché cases with hidden cameras: the inventions were sometimes doubtful, sometimes playful, and sometimes bordering on genius.

    Huawei Mate S has built-in standard features that would make any secret agent proud.

    Envious? No need to. Check out these built-in standard features of Huawei Mate S, and give them a try on your everyday or special missions:

    Fingerprint technology, made famous by agent movies and spies, is in its second generation at Huawei with Huawei Mate S and empowers you to interact with your smartphone in a completely new way.

    A high-performance camera with professional mode that will deliver best picture results even in low light.

    „Knuckle technology“ to activate functions and devices – just draw a letter on your screen as quick command, and it will open the desired device

    A „Directive Listening“ feature – a new three-way microphone function which not only records voice and sound but can also distinguish where the sound is coming from in a room.

    And the best thing: No complicated, tricky moves or training in MI 5 necessary for handling any of these functions. As for the required trenchcoat, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

    Touch. Made powerful
    Huawei Mate S

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