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    "Sense and Sensibility" in Spain:
    Stepping out for Fashion and Cocktails in Madrid

    For an exclusive pre-launch of both Mate S and Huawei watch in Spain, Huawei achieved the impossible. They created a standout event amidst the whirlwind night of exclusive fashion madness that is VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out (VFNO for short) in Madrid.

    This is a night that celebrates fashion, turning the chicest hot spots of Madrid into locations for events, shopping and special offers, with champagne and parties in abundance.

    Hosted at super-hip multi-brand concept store, Isolée, in Madrid’s swanky fashion district of Barrio Salamanca, the company presented Huawei Watch and Mate S to an exclusive group of bloggers, fashion influencers and fashionistas before its official launch.

    A classical cellist, chic cocktails and a cute tiger cub – a sensual overload in Spain

    Amidst Isolée’s high-end selection of luxury fashion, cosmetics, and gastronomy products, Huawei created an entertaining live brand experience called “Sense and Sensibility”, specially designed to stimulate the senses.

    Guests were greeted by a classical cellist performing pop hits at the entrance to Isolée’s. Inside, they were treated to an exclusive flying buffet of mouthwatering fusion finger food and fashionable drinks.

    Spanish master mixologist Diego Cabrera served up his own liquid interpretation of “Fashion touches Technology” (fashionable cocktails created with state-of-the-art molecular mixology) before the Huawei watch was presented by models.

    Charming TV presenter Berta Collado then unveiled the long-awaited Huawei smartphone to the crowd.

    Selfies, anyone? At the event, a mobile photo area served as a backdrop for the best creative selfies. The contest was also open to the public and Instagram and Twitter users were able to participate by uploading their selfies with the hashtag #VFNOhuawei. The winner was rewarded with a brand new, shiny Mate S.

    Watch the video to see highlights of the event!