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    Huawei Watch goes Prêt-à-Porter

    The French rethink retail. The premiere of Huawei watch in France comes with all-new distribution channels for a first-class customer experience.

    If there is a country that is ideally suited to embrace an innovative and trendy technology product-slash-accessory, it is fashion-conscious France. The enthusiastic response at the French Huawei Watch launch in Paris went to show: the capital of fashion and the latest fashionable accessory go together like café au lait and fresh baguette. Or like Prêt-à-Porter and Karl Lagerfeld.

    The Paris launch event was as hip as could be, hosted at Cité de la Mode et du Design – a spectacular spot dedicated to creation and innovation in all its forms. The architecturally innovative building, situated on Quai d’Austerlitz, directly overlooking the Seine, was a perfect choice for the launch of Huawei Watch. After all, it is also houses institutions such as the Institut Francais de la Mode. What could be more ideal?

    It soon became clear that the French’s relationship with smartwatches has grown from a casual flirtation to a full-blown love affair. A totally new retail and sales strategy catering to the growing market and to the needs of the French customers coincides with the launch.

    The strategy focuses on an all-new network distribution, taking things further from classic distribution channels.

    The French have always been experts at savoir-vivre. Now they prove they are also experts in innovation.

    The INNOV8 Group, a leading distributor of so-called “connected products” in the French market, and watch store chain Louis Pion announced an exclusive partnership premiering retail spaces dedicated to the marketing of smartwatches and other connected products within Louis Pion stores.

    The aim being, to create a unique purchasing experience for the customer.

    Louis Pion is a household name in France – a subsidiary of the Galeries Lafayette Group, it is the leading distribution network for watches, with 140 stores throughout France. It will be the first watch distribution network to enter this emerging market with a comprehensive consumer experience. And shop assistants will be fully trained in the technological features of the smartwatches.

    Apart from the Louis Pion Stores, Huawei Watch can now also be found at stores of mobile carriers such as Orange.

    The new retail strategy caters to the societal change spearheaded by companies such as Huawei, with consumers rapidly adopting the new technology as part of their personal lifestyles.

    Cherchez la montre? No way. In France, you won’t have to go far to get your hands on a Huawei Watch.