• When Bent Angelo Jensen strolls through the streets of Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne, he turns heads. Which is exactly what he’s always wanted. At the tender age of 14, he decided to start wearing suits, using his keen fashion sense to set himself apart from the crowd. And he’s made quite a business of it. Today, aged 38, he has built a reputation that extends far beyond his home turf. R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe, actor Willem Dafoe and German singer-songwriter Jan Delay are just a few of the celebrities who regularly augment their wardrobes with HvE’s custom-tailored classics.

    Now considered one of Germany’s hottest labels, Herr von Eden creations are available exclusively at flagship stores in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

    Bent’s hallmark is a blend of twenties chic with a contemporary twist. He is well aware that fashion is fleeting and subject to constant change, which is precisely why he is committed to a classic line. Enamoured of tradition and provocation alike, he is guided in his creations by the mantra:

    "You have to know the rules before you know how to break them."

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