• The rise of singer-songwriter Anni B Sweet is not just down to the gentle folk and indie-pop she creates. Born Ana López Rodríguez in Málaga in 1987, this young lady has also become a fashion icon for many – even though she only ever chooses her stage outfit shortly before each gig. Her style is casual and uncomplicated with a considered signature look all of her own.

    Anni B Sweet started making music very early on, composing her first songs at the tender age of seven. In her teens, she played in several bands – first as keyboardist, later also picking up the guitar. Spain’s largest independent label Subterfuge Records noticed Anni B Sweet on MySpace and signed her in 2008. A year later, she brought out her first album entitled “Start Restart Undo”, which featured her very own, very soft version of a-ha’s eighties hit record “Take On Me”. McDonald’s used the song in a TV commercial, which helped Anni B Sweet make her breakthrough. She was voted Artist Sensation of 2009 by Spanish daily El País.

    Anni B Sweet’s favourite instrument, the guitar, is not her only constant companion. She never leaves home without her Huawei Mate S and Huawei Watch.

    "For me, creativity means jumping the hurdles between getting an idea and bringing it to life."

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